About US

Stay curious is a learning platform for all the young minds all over the world who have a thirst for knowledge. Here we focus on the history of Bengal as well as the entire world and aspire to share our knowledge with the world as a whole.

One of the richest heritages in the world is that of the Indian subcontinent, and it is our duty to bring its history to light. In Bangladesh, most people do not glorify their history because they are unaware of the era they belong to. Our contributions are threaded within almost all parts of the history of the subcontinent.

Our purpose is to enlighten people about our heritage, culture and traditions. Knowledge is power and if the young generation does not have proper knowledge about their origin, they will not be able to carve the ideal society we all deserve and belong to.

Besides history, we intend to provide information and trivia about the current world affairs along with academic knowledge.

We hope this initiative of ours receives positive growth and appreciation.

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